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Why SCENTA Commercial?

If you’re aiming to craft a distinctive and unforgettable brand experience for your clientele, scent marketing should be on your radar. Scent marketing, the strategic use of aromas to stir emotions, shape behaviour, and amplify your brand’s appeal, could be your secret weapon. Here’s how scent marketing can give your brand a boost:

However, not all scent marketing solutions are cut from the same cloth. What you need is a dependable ally that offers top-tier products, tailored services, and unparalleled customer support. This is where SCENTA Commercial steps in, Ireland’s premier supplier of essential oil diffusers and fragrances for commercial applications.

We Bring Your Business To New Heights

How we do it: We use our expertise and experience in aroma engineering and branding to create customized fragrances that match your business identity and objectives. We also provide high-quality diffusers, monthly service, and flexible rental options to ensure your space is always filled with pleasant aromas


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What Makes SCENTA Commercial Different?

SCENTA Commercial is more than just a scent marketing firm. We’re driven by the transformative potential of aroma and possess the know-how and experience to assist you in devising the ideal scent strategy for your enterprise. Here’s why you should consider partnering with us:


We provide top-of-the-line essential oil diffusers, engineered to emit a subtle and natural aroma that not only counteracts unpleasant smells but also fosters well-being and tranquility. Our diffuser devices are cutting-edge, require minimal upkeep, and come with remote control capabilities.

Customized Work

We collaborate intimately with each client to craft a bespoke aroma that mirrors your brand’s character and principles. Our team of scenting connoisseurs employs only the finest essential oils and natural components to concoct fragrances that are not only unforgettable but also safe for all to relish.


We offer a monthly service that guarantees your environment is always filled with delightful aromas from fresh oils and well-serviced diffusers. Our team handles all the particulars, allowing you to concentrate on your enterprise.

Rental Options

We provide adaptable rental options tailored to your business requirements. Whether you’re seeking a short-term rental for a one-off event or a long-term rental for your ongoing business operations, we have a solution that aligns with your budget.

Customer Service

We take immense pride in delivering top-notch customer service. Our team is consistently on hand to address any queries and provide assistance as required.

What Industries Do We Serve?

We cater to a diverse range of industries with our commercial scenting solutions, including:

Regardless of your business type, we’re equipped to help you curate a scent experience that will not only elevate your brand’s image but also captivate your customers.

Luxury hotels
High-end restaurants
Corporate offices

Retail stores

Spas and wellness centers

Gyms and fitness studios

Cinemas and theatres

Museums and galleries

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Frequently Ask Questions

FAQs About Scent Marketing

Here are some frequently asked questions about SCENTA Commercial and our scent marketing solutions:
Scent marketing is the use of fragrances to evoke emotions, influence behaviour, and enhance the perception of your brand. It can help you attract and retain more customers, increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, boost sales and revenue, stand out from the competition, and improve the ambience and mood of your space.
Any business that wants to create a unique and memorable brand experience for its customers can benefit from scent marketing. We provide commercial scenting solutions for a variety of industries, such as luxury hotels, high-end restaurants, corporate offices, retail stores, spas and wellness centers, gyms and fitness studios, cinemas and theatres, museums and galleries, and more.
We offer a wide range of fragrances to suit different preferences and moods. Our team of scenting experts uses only the highest quality essential oils and natural ingredients to create fragrances that are both memorable and safe for everyone to enjoy. We work closely with each client to create a customized fragrance that reflects your brand’s personality and values.
We provide a frequent service that ensures that your space always smells amazing with fresh oils and well-maintained diffusers. Our team will take care of all the details so you can focus on your business. The service includes regular refills of essential oils, maintenance of diffuser machines, and remote control of scent intensity.

If you are ready to experience the power of scent in creating a memorable customer experience, contact us today at contact@scenta.eu to learn more about our services and start creating your ideal scent experience. Contact us today and get a free discovery week trial.