Our Standard Fragrances

Experience the essence of nature with our standard fragrances for essential oil diffusers. Perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere that enhances your brand and pleases your customers.


An aroma to bring the rainforest to your doorstep. The tropics combined with the scent of nature in full bloom. Clean, pure and fresh, perfect for mental clarity, inner balance and self-invigoration.

Jamaican Spice

It's time to sit back and relax as we bring the Caribbean sun to your doorstep. Enjoy this insatiable aroma of juicy fruits and tantalising spices.


An exquisitely light and distinct aroma, perfect to diffuse, sit back and enjoy.

Fragrant Five

A sexy, sultry and indulgent aroma, scented in the style of one of the most well-known perfumes, Marilyn Monroe's signature scent.


It's a heavenly scented fragrance that will guide you to Nirvana with its light and heady aroma. Treat friends and family alike with this pure delight and turn your home into a haven.

Parisian Luxury

Inspired by a signature scent belonging to one of the USA’s most luxurious hotel groups, this mysterious yet delicate fragrance has hints of oriental notes